2016/2017 Highlights

The College developed and published the Practice Guideline- Treating Family Members and Other Close Personal Relations. The document provides guidance to kinesiologists on things to consider should they choose to treat a family member or someone they share a close personal relationship with.

By-laws related to the posting of the following information about kinesiologists took effect July 2016:

  • All findings of guilt made under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, 1996;
  • All charges laid under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, 1996;
  • Any restrictions that may limit a kinesiologist’s ability to practise (i.e. bail conditions);
  • Any findings of incapacity, incompetence or professional misconduct from another regulated profession in any jurisdiction;
  • More information about a referral to the College’s Discipline Committee and the status of the hearing; and
  • Outcomes from the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee, including:
    • When a kinesiologist is required to appear before the Committee to be cautioned (cautions-in-person)
    • If a kinesiologist is directed to complete a specified continuing education and remediation program (SCERP)

Focus groups were conducted with kinesiologists and stakeholders to help develop content for a sexual abuse prevention e-learning module.

Council established the Planning and Finance Committee. The Committee provides guidance and advice on financial and planning matters.

The College more than doubled the number of kinesiologists who will be selected annually for a peer and practice assessment.

Council approved the Prescribed Learning Modules Policy, which requires kinesiologists in the General Class to complete certain modules as part of the Quality Assurance Program.

An Ethics and Professionalism e-Learning Module was developed. This mandatory training module is designed to help kinesiologists better understand how to apply the College’s Code of Ethics in daily practice and the process of making ethical decisions.